Kissing a guy is not out of the way, I can play gay roles, too" – Viral9ja

Speaking in a recent interview with Saturday Sun, Felix revealed he can play any role given to him because he’s an actor, and gay roles, inclusive.

According to him, “kissing a guy in a movie is not out of the way”

Here’s what he said;

“Why would reject a movie role? I don’t reject roles. I love to see what I can do to every character that comes my way. I can play gay roles too; I am an actor; I was trained for that. Except the production is not ready to shoot. I am open to playing any role on earth. Kissing a guy in a movie is also not out of the way; acting is my passion, so I’m committed to giving it my best. In Nigeria, homosexuality is against the law; however, when I am on set, I assume a character that is not Felix anymore and do what I have to do.”

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