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I was stranded;He offered to take me to his house to sleep, He Now Rape Me

It happened that I was stranded and he saw me at their gate because he was on duty. I couldn’t reach my aunty and my phone had gone off so he offered to help me spend the night at his place. I cried that night like I’ve never before in my life.

I was only a student who had earlier left my school to visit an aunty because of the strike at school. I left school very early but the journey which was supposed to last three hours ended up being a forever journey as our vehicle had an issue on the way.

We spent almost the whole day in the bush where it got spoilt. A boarder town between Jos and kaduna state, Nigeria. We eventually got the vehicle fixed and continued the journey.

My aunty had been calling me all the way to keep track of the journey since it was getting late and she wondered how I’d navigate my way if I got to Jos late as it was my first time ever to visit her.

It was a Friday and the road was indeed very busy because of people who were returning from Abuja to Jos to see their loved ones. We stopped almost every few munites of the way before we entered Jos. It was because of the routine check by the joint task force on the road.

I finally we got to Jos town but it was already late and I needed to get to the barracks as my aunty is married to a soldier. One who was still serving at the time. It was another 45 minutes drive to the barracks from terminus main Market. I waited for the bus to be filled and then we left to the barracks.

I got to the barracks by 11pm and everywhere was dark. My aunty couldn’t call me again because my phone was off. It had been running on low charge. I got to the gate and I couldn’t enter because they needed some kind of ID card which residents of the barracks show so they could be allowed in.

For visitors, you are required to call the person you are visiting so they would come and pick you themselves. I couldn’t call her again because my phone had gone off. It just happened that I didn’t even know her phone number off hand.

The soldier at the gate asked if I knew where she stays, Maybe a detailed explanations but I didn’t because I’ve never been there before. They were about to close the gate when another soldier that had been sitting there and looking at me for long came over and asked what my name was. At this point, I was almost crying and when I told him, he said there was no problem.

He made me an offer and said he would take me to his house. He was on duty and he assured me not to be scared, he would drop me off at the house and come back to his duty post. So I would be the only one in the house and I agreed. Not like I had any choice anyways. He said I can find my way the next morning like it would come soon.

He then took me on his bike while he told his friends at the gate that he was coming. We left and got to his house in 5 munites and as he promised, he went back. Before leaving, he was kind enough to put bathing water for me and he showed me around to take my bath when I’m ready. After taken my bath, I slept off without any waste of time. Although I wasn’t too comfortable knowing it was someone’s house I don’t know.

At about 2:00am, I heard a knock on the door. Behold it was him. I went and I opened because I thought he forgot something but “NO”he didnt. He had locked up the gate and he knew his pressense would not be missed so he came to devour the “bush Meat” he had left in his house untouched.

I just laid in the bed with my payjammers when I saw him taking off his clothes to retire to thesame bed and I sensed there was trouble but I couldn’t ask him anything. I kept quiet to see what was about to happen.

He joined me in the bed quietly. After a moment he called out my name to be sure I wasn’t sleeping already, I didn’t answer him because I wanted him to sleep and leave me the hell alone.

He laid quietly for some time and then I felt his hands on my body. Then it was clear to me that I had entered the lions den. I begged this man to heavens and Earth but to no avail. As I was begging him, his hands were on my chest pressing my body. I ran away but he kept following me till he finally pinned me to his bed. I felt there was no way out so I started shouting. His hands slide through and entered my private region as i screamed for help. But thank God for what happened next.

We heard a knock on the door and he stopped and asked who it was. I only heard a thick voice that said “na me open the door”. I’m sure from the voice he knew who it was so he opened. The guy begged him to allow me sleep and that what he was doing was inappropriate. After much talking, he left and this man didn’t touch me again as I was already crying so badly. I was scared and didn’t sleep for a second. As soon as it was 5:30am picked my bag and when I was about to leave, the man who had interceeded for me came. He was the next door neighbor to the person that wanted to  me. He begged me and said they’re not like this. He wondered why his friend had behaved like that. He asked that I should please not take it to heart or tell anyone about it. When he appologised he now walked me out as I reached out for my phone which was now charged.

I called my sister and told her where I was and immediately her husband came for me and they picked me home. I didn’t tell her or anyone else what had happened until now. Throughout my stay in the barracks I stumbled into him a few times but nothing made me talk to him or act as if I’ve known him before as he disgusted me. But for the one that saved me, he became my friend. Thank God he saved my life else it would have been another story entirely.

Say No to rape!

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