Since everyone is in search of love despite the distance, a young lady identified as @orla_mide shared her experience of how her visit to a guy she met on Twitter turned sour as she ended up trekking back home after he refused her transport fare. After all, every girl testifies they want transport fare.

According to orla_mide, he tried to touch her but she didn’t let him. In anger, she left his house, with the young man not giving her transport fare back home.

This led her to trek all the way from Ikeja to Mile 12 (40 minutes journey by car) back to her home, making her visit a wrong move all because of no transport fare.

In her words, “I went to visit this guy on Twitter, I went to his house. He wanted to touch me. I didn’t let him. Na leg I use trek from Ikeja to mile 12 dat day.

It is not everything you guys will come here and comment lies… this happened to me last week. I trekked. I am not visiting any guy on this app again.”

Lady treks home after being denied transport fare by man whom she refused to sleep with on first date

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