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One Hell Of A Night is a new playlist by Cyclone Artemis and her second project since the release of “Introspect”. The 5-track easy-listening goodness captures a delicate phase in the singer’s life with heavy themes of vulnerability, love, and sensual magic.  Synx, Emz, Type-A, and Spane 5 are the four production collaborators on this catalog, providing Cyclone with the right soundscape to bleed her varying emotions.

The forerunning single -Invitation beckons on a reluctant potential lover while Vitamin A flips the script with a feature from EMZ, to give a super sexual twist to a burning desire. One Hell Of A Night continues with the preceding subject matter, standing out as the title track of the project and showcasing Artemis’ long-standing lyrical strength. Disguise feeds off toxic affection and the previously released Casina Feelings featuring Spane and PK brings things to a vibrant halt.


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