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We are writing to formally announce that Boomdistro has now operated under a new name “Afrotunes”! Along with this change, a newly redesigned company logo,dashboard and brand new website is also launched. Please click here to learn more about Afrotunes. Our commitment to artists and labels is unchanged and remains our highest priority.
We have upgraded our platform and the following services to provide you with an even better distribution service:
1.A simpler interface with English and French versions for music submission allowing you to get everything done within minutes.
2.More comprehensive reporting and analytics enabling you to track your music performance at any time.
3.We help to split your royalties making it easier to share payments within your team.
4.Share and promote your releases easier with smart links.
5.Greater variety of service packages with affordable pricing for artists and labels.
More services are also in the pipeline such as mobile application and mobile money payment……Please stay tuned.
The registration with Boomdistro is no longer available but you can still log in to Boomdistro up until 10th September to follow the status of your submission and view the sales data. Information about your distributed releases and sales data will be available on the Afrotunes platform soon with further notice. Please keep in mind that the metadata of undistributed releases won’t be transferred to Afrotunes.
For the new releases which haven’t been uploaded or paid yet, please go to Afrotunes website for further action. For the pending releases, we will review and distribute them as soon as possible if the releases comply with the requirements.
Keep up to date with Afrotunes by following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We regularly post our updates, promotions, recent releases as well as useful tips and guides for artists. We would love for you to interact with us by leaving your comments and likes on our posts.
If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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