[A MUST READ] 10 Good Reasons Why Most Uyo Base Artist Will Never Blow

Akwa-Ibom State is full of talents, I mean raw talents, ranging from musical Artist, Dancers, Mcs, Comedians, Cinematographers, Graphic Designer, Models, Bloggers,OAPS, Presenters, Event planners and the likes. But yet the glory and fame of some of this artist ends here in the State.

They don’t get known outside the State, no deal, no sponsorship, no recognition. Most upcoming artists fail to blow not by destiny or ill lock, but as a result of lack of priorities and styles.

I have seen the likes of Iyanya, Mc Galaxy, Ikpa Udo, and a host of others who have gained recognition from their art and have build a brand for their self over the years. What do they do to get there? Well, I would save that article for another day.

In this Article, I have highlighted 10 possible reasons why some Akwa Ibom Artist Will Never Blow.

1. Lack Of Creativity

In this list, the first reason why some Uyo base artist Will never blow is because they lack creativity.
Creativity is defined as “the quality or ability, to create or invent something”. An artist invention is his/her art. Some artist don’t really know what they want, they are not creative in anyway, they don’t move around with creative people, they don’t even want to be unique, they kill their own style to copy someones style instead of being creative to design and create their own unique style that would standout. This lack of creativity leads poor content, poor production, Poor lyrics. As an upcoming artist who wants to make it to the peak of his/her dream should try to be creative, unique, and be original.

2. They don’t promote their art
Begin creative isn’t just enough for any upcoming artist to blow. I have seen many good upcoming artist who are better than some of our A-list artist and still they don’t get the recognition they deserve just because they lack the promotion they need, an upcoming artist can promote/advertise his/her self by using the media, creating a good relationship with bloggers using his/her art, go for shows, seminars, competition, promotional interviews (TV/Radio) and other means of getting his/her art out to the general public.

3. Unnecessary Beef

Some upcoming artist spend their limited time which they suppose to use in researching/thinking of how to make it to the next level, instead they beef and envy other artist just because they are not on the same page. If you find yourself in this category, pay more attention to your career than envying another artist, infact make friend with other artist, they may even be the one to help get your art to the next level.

4. Low Self Esteem

On this point, most Uyo base artist do not believe they can make it. Some of this artist have some personal issues which makes them to have low self esteem, they don’t try to work their way out of adversity, rather they sit in it and allow everything happen instead of planning on how they should happen. Trust me, most uyo artist don’t know their worth.

5. Pride

Pride, Pride, Pride!!
It’s not a bad thing to have pride, but most upcoming artist in Akwa Ibom who at a point are good have pride. They don’t relate with event planners, bloggers and people that can help them take their career to the next level. Instead they feel they have achieved success or frame just because they are popular in their street or their environment. In other words, some Uyo upcoming artist are not humble.

6. Drugs/Gambling
This one is very bad, most upcoming artist rely on drugs before they perform in events, most artist who are gifted do more of drugs which consumed their time and money. It also get to the stage where it affects their season of reasoning and the way they behave. Gambling on the other hand is not bad. But as an artist there are some things you should quit doing.
Some even go to extra level of using their accessories, money they suppose to use in promoting their to gamble.

7. Poor Dress Sense
Like the saying goes, the way you dress is the way you are going to be addressed. You can’t dress any how and expect people to flow with your brand infact, if your music is good and you have a poor dress sense people would not be able to relate with your art, especially ladies.

Most AkwaIbom upcoming artist wear the same cloth to show intact if you see them you would think that cloth is their uniform. As an upcoming artist, the way you dress matters. It’s called “Packaging” (packaging yourself well). The whole truth of the matter is that, when your appearance cannot catch people’s fancy, how do you convince them to patronise your art?

8. Signing The Wrong Deal or Joining The Wrong Label

Some upcoming artist just want to blow by all means, they don’t care which way they follow, they don’t even read the terms and conditions of the deal they are signing, infant even when they read and understand the terms and conditions in the paper some of them still go ahead to sign it. They don’t seek for peoples advice before making a decision that can either destroy their art or take their art to the next level.

9. Too Much Flirting With Potential Fan

I repeat, Too much flirting with potential fan. Some Uyo upcoming artist flirts a lot because they get attention from the opposite sex, they decide to go on by flirting with their potential fan and destroy the relationship they suppose to build with the person instead of focusing on building a fan base, they decide to flirt with them.

10. Add yours

Written by: Derekki @Viral9ja @Derekkirekkiboyofficial

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