1999, 2003 election results missing, says INEC


The Independent National Electoral Commission on Thursday raised fears that the results and data of the 1999 and 2003 general elections were missing .


The commission, however , said researchers did not find it difficult to trace the 2019 general election results which were already online .

INEC National Commissioner on Election and Party Monitoring, Prof . Anthonia Okosi -Simbina , stated this at a one- day workshop to look at the proposed compendium of the results of 2007 , 2011 and 2015 general elections , organised by the Nigerian Institute Of Social And Economic Research in Ibadan , Oyo State .

According to her , the programme focused on preparing a compendium of 2007 , 2011 and 2015 general elections results because data of the results of the 1999 and the 2003 general elections were not available .

She said , “ We want people to get the statistics of the voters ; the women , the men , artisans and the rural dwellers .

“ If political parties follow the demographics, they will be able to know their targets during political campaigns. It will also help the government in the provision of essential things . It will also help INEC too .

“ It was difficult to get that of 1999 and 2003 ; much of the data were not made available because it was scattered in various offices but the 2019 data was not like that because we had a better way of storing them and it ’ s online .

“ The recommendation is that the results of elections should be released in a more organized manner . ”
Also speaking was a National Commissioner and Chairman, Board of The Electoral Institute , Prince Solomon Soyebi, who said they have interrogated the results of the elections .

He stated that INEC was trying its best to ensure that the results of all the elections from 1999 were available online , adding that lessons learnt in those elections would help in future polls .

“ Results of the 2019 general election is on our website . It is separated based on sex , rural setting and other demographics. From the 2019 general election , we can now show the state with the highest votes , ” Soyebi said .

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